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When I was little, my Mum taught me some really important life lessons. Some of these lessons kept me me safe, some helped me avoid getting into trouble at school, some stopped me embarrassing my parents in company.

This was all a very, very, very long time ago, but I still remember them, so clearly they made a strong impression.< How many of you remember your Mum telling you thinks like.. Don’t talk to strangers

Don’t interrupt

Stop asking questions

If you’re asked a question… answer it

These lessons are great… if you’re a child, but here’s the news… they no longer apply now that you’re an adult and especially if you’re selling. The problem is that lessons that are so ingrained in our thinking form the basis of our belief structure and determine how we behave in certain situations.

This is why so many people struggle to sell.

Simple isn’t it, but guess what?…. you’re allowed to ignore your Mum (at least at work).

Selling involves talking to busy strangers, they’ll ask you questions and you’ll feel rude if you ask too many of your own. If you also add your pride, your ego and a fear of failure and you’re almost certainly going to fail at prospecting, qualifying, negotiating and closing sales.

Changing ingrained belief systems is hard, especially those that you’ve had since childhood. And to change them you need to learn new techniques that result in different behavior. Making the effort to regularly practice these new behaviors will enable you to change your inherent beliefs.

Sorry Mum x

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