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Last week I made a client cry…… That might sound like an odd statement to go public with, but bear with me.

Like many business owners, the client in question is ambitious, driven and is rightly immensely proud of the business he’s built. BUT… it’s taken over his life. He has no social life, his home life is suffering and he often isn’t around when his children go to bed.

Our initial focus was exploring what strategies he could realistically put into place to reduce his workload and free up time. We agreed a 90 day goal for him not to work on Friday afternoons.

Friday afternoons are significant for him because that’s when his daughter has ballet lessons and he’s never around to take her.

Once we’d agreed on the strategies and the main goal, my next question was “how will it feel when you take her to the first lesson?”.

Well you know the rest.

Sometimes growing a business and earning more money isn’t actually what’s important.


And that’s where I might be able to help

40+ years of selling, running and developing sales teams and running businesses has taught me many lessons, but it’s also given me huge experience of encountering most of the problems that business owners see.


That means I can bring an independent eye to your business 

I can challenge your thinking, help you see problems from a different perspective and help you develop your own plans to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.


And we can do all of this with a group of like minded business people 

I’ll shortly be launching the next iteration of my Smart Movers group coaching programme. To learn more, read the overview or better still, give me a call. on 0776 203 43.


I promise not to make you cry… at least not yet.


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