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Who We Are

About US

Proten Sales Development helps Accountants provide specialist sales advice to their small business clients. We work with clients to improve their sales success and reduce time spent on activities that won’t deliver results.

01. Free Consultation With The Accountant

Discuss clients that the Accountant thinks could benefit from improving their sales effectiveness. Together we identify and prioritise each client’s objectives and arrange initial review sessions.

02. Initial Review With Client

Discuss with the client their primary business objectives and the impact of achieving them. Review the client’s business, it’s market, the competition, sales messaging, sales process and the skills of those staff who are involved in selling. Agree the top three sales objectives to focus on and agree actions. All outputs from the review session shared with the Accountant.

03. Follow Up Workshops

Review progress against the actions agreed in the review session (or previous workshop). Provide advice on specific sales challenges and improvements to be made and agree short-term client actions. Workshops are scheduled in a time frame that works for the client (ideally monthly). All outputs from the workshops are shared with the Accountant.

THE Founder

The Man With The Plan

Phil Sayers


Proten Sales Development’s founder is Phil Sayers, a career salesman and sales manager. Phil has been selling for more years than he cares to remember, selling products and services around the world. He has sold products as diverse as building materials, transport and logistics equipment, design services, accounting and payroll software and services, IT system management software, telemarketing services, satellite communications equipment and most recently was the Sales & Marketing Director and Interim CEO of a UK cloud accounting software vendor.

Phil has recruited, developed and trained sales teams and derives as much satisfaction from helping sales people and teams become successful as he ever did from closing sales deals that ranged from a few hundred pounds to over a million.


Phil has worked for, owned and run SME’s, so he understands the mindset required, the pressures faced and the pride and sometimes defensive ways in which owner / managers view their business… it is, after all “their baby”. He understands that no two businesses are identical and recognises that out of the box, end-to-end coaching solutions may not be appropriate.

Now he uses those years of experience to help accountants help their clients become successful.

Outside of work, Phil is a keen (if slow) runner, plays (or rather tries to play) a number of musical instruments (although his ability to collect instruments far outweighs his ability to play them) and is a long time supporter of London Irish Rugby Club.


What We Do Best

Working With Accountants

We work in partnership with the Accountant, focussing on client sales challenges that the Accountant can’t typically help with.


We provide feedback to the client and the Accountant, enabling the Accountant to provide additional financial advice around sales activities.

Honest and Open Advice

We’ll always be honest with the guidance provided to your client. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you and them!

Specialists, Not Generalists

We focus our advice on sales. If we think clients need help in other areas, we’ll tell you.

Delivering Results

We work with clients to help them develop processes and sales activities that deliver measurable results.

Small Business Focus

We work with your small business clients who don’t have a formal sales background.

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