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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Sales Director?
Many small businesses don’t need, or can’t afford a full time Sales Director, but would still benefit from the experience and knowledge of someone who has recruited and managed successful sales teams. Our Virtual Sales Director service gives you regular access to an experienced sales leader who can guide and coach your sales activities to ensure that you achieve your sales objectives.
How is coaching different to training?
Training typically consists of a specialist explaining how to do something… it’s a learning exercise. Coaching on the other hand is far less structured approach and focusses in far greater detail on how the recipient is utilising their existing skills and exploring new ones.
Why do you offer different services for Accountants and other Businesses?
Accountants are a specific type of business with a unique set of challenges that they face, both in terms of how they run their business, but also in terms of helping their clients. Proten Sales Development has worked with Accountants for many years and understands the challenges that they face, and so provides different types of support to help them grow their own business, as well as helping them help their clients grow.
There’s plenty of sales training material available online. Why should I consider using a specialist coach and trainer?
You’re right… there’s plenty of advice available on line, but it isn’t directly related to your particular business. At Proten Sales Development, we take the time to get to know your business, your products and services and the type of customers you sell to and then deliver training that specifically focusses on your business.
What’s the difference between 1-2-1 coaching and group coaching?
1-2-1 coaching allows the recipient to focus on developing skills in a particular area, benefitting from the skills and experience of the coach. Group coaching sessions involve a number of business owners or sales people meeting on a regular basis and sharing their challenges and ideas, identifying solutions and the actions needed, and the group holding each other accountable for completing their agreed actions. They are informative and fun sessions and, especially for smaller businesses can be less costly.
Do you help all types of businesses?
At Proten Sales Development we understand where our core skills are most appropriate… that’s why we only work with Business to Business (B2B) organisations, and especially those that find it difficult to explain the real commercial value of the products and services that they provide.