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Build A Better Business

Do you have a clear plan of where your business is heading?

Do you understand the steps you need to take to reach your goals?

Are you struggling to sell your products or services?

Do you find it difficult to overcome customer objections?

Is your sales team under-performing?

Woman standing in front of flip chart that is illustrating increasing sales growth

Sales Skills For Small Business – Half Day Interactive Workshop

“A really great session Phil. Just been reviewing my notes and working on my actions this morning, and I’m impressed with the amount that was covered in the time. It’s the first time I felt I have a clear view about the sales function and how to help and articulate value to clients, in a way that I feel comfortable with and is relevant/beneficial to prospects/clients. You provided a great framework to work with.” Joan Adams

“It was a great workshop, pitched at the right level for me as I need a structured approach to working and I can sometimes find the selling process overwhelming. I am, really pleased I attended as I took so much value from it to implement in my business. Thank you Phil.” Lenah Oduour

Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals

We’ll help you build a plan of what the business needs to deliver for you to achieve your personal goals and then define what action is required to get you there.

Sales Skills Training

You and your team need to be able to sell your products or services effectively. Our structured training programme will help you ensure that every potential lead has the highest possible chance of converting into a sale.

Focused 1-2-1 Coaching

We’ll help you learn new skills and polish existing ones.

Share Ideas & Collaborate With Other Business Owners

Work with other, like minded business owners in our Mastermind Groups to share ideas & challenges, develop new strategies and hold each other accountable for taking action.

Sales Coach, Phil Sayers, owner of Proten Sales Development Limited

Phil Sayers

Phil has recruited, developed and trained sales teams around the world, and derives as much satisfaction from helping sales people and teams become successful as he ever did from closing deals that ranged from a few hundred pounds to over a million.

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