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EPIC Selling in 2023

Anxious about selling? Concerned about getting the results you need? Stressed about talking to potential customers?

EPIC Selling is an online, on demand sales skills training programme for business owners and sales people who want to learn a structured approach to maximising sales.

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What is Epic Selling?

EPIC Selling is an online, on demand sales skills training programme. It will provide you with a structured approach that will help you find potential customers, communicate your value to them to gain interest, run effective meetings and calls without coming across as the classic “pushy sales person”, close more sales, handle objections, negotiate favourable terms and understand how much and what sort of sales activity is needed to help you achieve your goals.

What’s included?

The programme consists of 6 modules, each of which provides around 30 minutes of video content. Some of the modules also provide templates you can use to help develop your own sales tools and each module concludes with some short “homework” to help reinforce your learning.

The modules are available as standalone units, or can be purchased as a complete 6 module package.

What Will I Learn?

  • Module 1 – Value & Messaging (How to gain a prospect’s attention)
  • Module 2 – Who to sell to and where to find them
  • Module 3 – Prospect / customer meetings (Using the EPIC Model to uncover customer needs)
  • Module 4 – Closing, handling objections and effective proposals
  • Module 5 – Negotiation (techniques to achieve the best deal)
  • Module 6 – Sales activity (understanding, developing and measuring your personal Key Performance Indicators)
Phil Sayers leading one of his Epic Selling training sessions



Want to learn more?

Watch this short video that takes you through the content of each module in the programme

“It has already made an immeasurable amount of difference in terms of our sales techniques and bottom line profit.” Alan Burgham-Wilson, Nemo Bookkeeping.

“I used some of the skills the other day – namely the power of silence! The insights I got from my client was incredible! As a result, we’ve repositioned the whole working relationship and managed to upsell lots of additional services the client was needing (although they didn’t realise it prior to the meeting)! Everyone’s a winner!” Calvin Cooper – CRC Accountancy

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