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Our Services

What we Do Best


Proten Sales Development provides expertise and advice to clients of accountants who need to improve the effectiveness of their selling activities.

The Inner Workings

How We Do it

We work in partnership with the accountant to help clients grow and transform the way they position and sell their products or services.

We understand that no two client businesses are identical and recognise that out of the box business coaching approaches are often overkill or ineffective, and may even conflict with or overlap the services that the accountant offers.

We fully recognise that small businesses are often cash strapped and that engaging consultants at high day rates may be inappropriate and unaffordable. We also recognise that small business owners may not want to spend full days working with an advisor… they have a business to run.

That’s why we offer a menu of services; the accountant and client can decide which are the most appropriate and would deliver the most value.


We Can Do it All

We offer a range of workshop topics. The Accountant and Client can decide which ones they believe would provide the greatest value.

Sales Messaging

Defining the business problems that the client’s products or services can address, what an ideal target customer looks like and the key messages to communicate to existing and potential customers that will make them want to learn more.

Qualifying Customers

Defining how to accurately and quickly qualify a potential customer (in or out).

Reviewing The Sales Process

Reviewing the current sales processes and highlight potential areas for improvement.

Virtual Sales Director

Conducting regular sales reviews to ensure that best practice is implemented and maintained, review activity and results and suggest improvements where necessary.

Sales Activity

Defining the sales activity required to meet the client’s objectives.

Sales Teams & Skills

Assessing the skills of existing sales staff, providing advice on building sales related job specifications, targets, KPI’s and remuneration packages, providing support during the sales recruitment process and advice on induction processes, performance reviews & skills development.


Our Three Step Process


Free Consultation With The Accountant

Discuss clients that the Accountant thinks could benefit from improving their sales effectiveness. Together we identify and prioritise each client’s objectives and arrange initial review sessions.

Initial Review With Client

Discuss with the client their primary business objectives and the impact of achieving them. Review the client’s business, it’s market, the competition, sales messaging, sales process and the skills of those staff who are involved in selling. Agree the top three sales objectives to focus on and agree actions. All outputs from the review session shared with the Accountant.

Follow Up Workshops

Review progress against the actions agreed in the review session (or previous workshop). Provide advice on specific sales challenges and improvements to be made and agree short-term client actions. Workshops are scheduled in a time frame that works for the client (ideally monthly). All outputs from the workshops are shared with the Accountant.

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