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Let’s be honest….. Most sales people talk too much. Sometimes it’s caused by nerves, sometime it’s outright fear, other times it’s down to inexperience, or just the belief that if they stop talking the prospect will say “Not interested” and hang up.

Often, when I listen to sales people’s calls, they keep talking after trying to close the sale, they talk over their prospects, they talk after they ask a question (and don’t even let their prospect answer).

And then they keep on talking

The dangers of talking so much are numerous. Frequently, if the sales person keeps talking after trying to close the sale, they actually introduce objections. It’s a common problem and one entirely of the sales person’s own making.

Another problem is that they talk over their prospects and consequently appear rude and give the impression that they don’t care about what the prospect has to say. This makes them seem pushy and sales-y and makes the prospect want to disconnect with them.

As if all these problems aren’t enough, by talking so much, they aren’t learning anything about the prospect; their needs, their pain, or identifying what they would like help with.

It’s important to remember that the prospect is the one with all the answers: why they’ll buy, why they won’t buy, what you need to say to sell them, etc. But if you aren’t listening, you’ll never hear any of this.

Rather than constantly talking, focus on your questioning techniques and do all you can to encourage the prospect to do most of the taking. At any point in a conversation with a prospect if they either give you what appears to be an objection (like, “We wouldn’t be interested…”) or are just not volunteering much information, all you have to do is say:

And then shut up!

When you say it, say it in a way that expresses a question; let your tone of voice rise slightly. This might seem flippant or even silly, but it’s one of the most advanced and powerful tools a real closer has in his or her kit bag.

Are you or your sales team talking too much and losing sales? Maybe we can help.

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