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My local gym, like many others around the country has just reopened.

“So what”, I hear you say!

Well, to comply with the social distancing rules we have in place at the moment, they’re obviously restricting the number of people who are in the gym at any given time and to manage this, members have to go online to book their next session. So that’s what I did and when I hit the “confirm” button, something struck me.

I’ve always been pretty good at keeping relatively fit, although most of my exercise, whilst reasonably regular is done “on the fly” i.e. when I feel like it. Which is all well and good when my schedule allows it, or if I’m having a tough day and need to get some headspace with a run in the country, but exercise can become an afterthought and too easy to drop if I’m busy or something else comes up that I view as being a priority.

I’ve just launched a brand new, online, on demand sales training course, “EPIC Selling”, which has been developed with B2B business owners and accountants in mind, introducing them to a range of techniques and tools they can use to make selling easier and more effective.

And this is what struck me when I booked my gym session.

Writing the content for EPIC Selling, recording the video content and getting the online systems set up was a significant project that took around two months from start to finish. Now that’s a major chunk of time, so to make sure I was able to meet my planned launch date of August 2020, I allocated blocks of time in my diary when the phone and email were switched off and I focussed entirely on getting the material pulled together.

And it worked!

But what’s also significant is that the programme is broken down into six distinct modules and the sixth and final module looks at how to work out how much sales activity is required to achieve your sales targets and goals, so that you know how much time to dedicate to selling activities each week and even each day. I’ve been doing just this for years…. Blocking out time every week in my schedule to focus on sales prospecting activity, and I know how many initial calls and emails I need to complete in order to keep me on track for what I want to achieve over the course of the month and the year. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been successful at what I do.

So why didn’t I use the same approach to planning my exercise…. blocking out pre-set times in my schedule to go for a run or go to the gym? Maybe that’s one of the reasons I often feel like I should be doing more exercise (we’ll ignore the dodgy knee excuse for now).

So are you planning for success?…. Mapping out how you’re going to use your time to ensure that you reach your goals?

If not, then maybe the EPIC Selling programme, or our sales coaching and Sales Mastermind Groups (or maybe a combination of them) could give you that extra support and motivation you need to get things on track.

If you’d like to learn more, or explore how we might be able to help you, get in touch.

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