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At some point, you’ve probably wondered what makes a successful sales person.

What is it that sets them apart? Typically they display most, if not all of these attributes.

1. They don’t panic
Successful sales people rarely speak too quickly or lose their cool. They remain composed and avoid saying things they’ll later regret.

2. They’re resilient
Successful sales people aren’t afraid to take risks. They’re not overly concerned about rejection or failure, because they understand that they can learn from the experience.

3. They manage their time
Successful sales people carefully allocate blocks of time to researching, prospecting, customer meetings and account management activities. They automate repetitive tasks and use technology such as CRM systems to their advantage.

4. They understand the markets they sell to
Successful sales people understand their product, its features, functions, and applications. They understand the typical challenges that prospects in their industry face, and they can communicate how their product benefits their customers’ business.

5. They’re always learning
Successful sales people are open to new ideas and ways of working.

6. They’re pessimists
Successful sales people constantly question how likely it is that a particular sales opportunity will close. As a result they’re more likely to address issues that could stop the sale happening.

7. They’re persistent
Successful sales people understand that it takes time to develop relationships with prospects and build trust. They understand that being too pushy, too early almost always ends in failure.

8. They’re motivated by goals
Successful sales people understand that working towards goals makes them more productive. Goals aren’t just sales revenue… they include daily activities, research, prospecting, customer meetings and demonstrations as well as revenue and commission.

9. They can use technology to their advantage
Successful sales people know how to use PowerPoint make compelling presentations, how to use video hosting technology to avoid unnecessary travel time, how to use CRM systems to keep them on top of activities and sales opportunities.

10. They’re good at relationships
Successful sales people know how to start conversations with complete strangers, encourage prospects to open up, and, most importantly, they’re great listeners.

How many of these characteristics do you or your sales people have? If it’s not most of them, maybe we can help.

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