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I often get asked where the name Proten Sales Development comes from.

One of the first challenges you face when setting up a new business is what to call the business.

Should it make reference to the founder(s), should it describe what they do or what they offer, or should it be some made up word or phrase.

And even when you’ve come up with what you think is the perfect name, there’s every chance that someone else has already had the same idea … so you have to start all over again.

I faced the exact same challenge when I set up Proten Sales Development three years ago. I started by brainstorming as many words or phrases I could think of that had some sort of relevance to sales training and business coaching, checked them at Companies House and quickly eliminated 90% of them and ended up with a short list of four or five.

The end result is actually derived from Proten, the latin word for stretch. That’s what I do … I stretch my clients to think differently, to learn new skills and techniques, to challenge their thinking and ultimately push for better results.

If you think you’d benefit from being stretched, then let’s talk.

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