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As a sales person, you need total confidence and belief in whatever product or service you’re selling. If you don’t then your prospect probably won’t either.

So how can you talk confidently about whatever it is you’re selling.

That’s where a USP, or Unique selling Proposition comes into play.

An effective USP will help you articulate your brand value and will help differentiate what you offer through what you stand for and how it benefits your customers.

It’s usually used in the early stages of the sales process whether that’s prospecting, cold calling, trade shows (when a visitor asks you what you do) or even introductory emails.

The USP, as the names suggests, should be unique to you. If a competitor could use the same statement then it’s not unique.

The focus should be in the value that you provide to your customers… how it will help them, the problems they’ll solve as a result of working with you… the impact that solving these problems will have on them and their business.

Think about why you’re different to your competitors. Is your product or service different to everyone else’s? Do you offer more add on’s or accessories? Is your after-sales service better then everyone else’s.

The point is to highlight how you’re different from everyone else and how this will benefit the customer.

Get it wrong and the conversation will end pretty quickly. Get it right and you’re more likely to trigger some interest in learning more.

How happy are you with your USPs? If you need help defining them, then maybe we can help.

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