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Most Accountancy practices want to see their clients grow. After all, growing clients are likely to be more loyal, and growing clients provide new opportunities for high value advisory services.

Many accountants offer Business Development services for their clients, but for most, those claims are purely aspirational. They don’t have a clear menu of Business Development services that they are proactively marketing to their clients, they are simply dispensing advice on a reactive basis.

So how can you go from order taker to problem solver. If you’d like to get clients to put their hands up for services that will make a lasting difference to them and their business, then maybe we can help.

We work with The Gap Portal… a web based portal that enables accounting firms to deliver a wide range of Business Development services to their clients; services that create enduring value for clients.

Most businesses need help to achieve freedom – Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Mind Freedom. The Gap portal provides you with end to end, systemised services that your clients will love and you can monetise.

Do you want to understand how to bridge the gap between Compliance and Business Development?

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Proten Sales Development works with accountants and their clients improve the effectiveness of their selling activities.

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