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Coming from someone who’s been in sales for their entire career, that might sound like a strange thing to say, but it’s true.

I’d had a few conversations with the prospect about the fact that they weren’t generating the results that they needed. Having a sales team in place was a relatively new initiative for them but they’d been struggling to convert leads into prospects and prospects into customers.

We talked through the variety of ways I could potentially help them which included some basic training, spending time listening to sales calls and providing constructive criticism and feedback, followed by an onging programme of sales coaching to reinforce the learnings.

They talked to a couple of my existing coaching clients, both of whom gave glowing reports of how I’d helped them develop their respective businesses.

The prospect even told me that of the 5 or 6 coaches they’d talked to, I was far and away the best option.

But still they turned down the proposal.


Because they’d made some changes to their sales process and results were now where they needed to be.

So… no new client for me, but I’m still happy because the prospect is getting what they want.

I never encourage any business to spend time and money on things that aren’t really required right now, so why would I try and persuade them to still go ahead with a programme that isn’t needed?

And you never know…. If things take a downward turn, who are they likely to to turn to?


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