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So you’ve just been promoted to Sales Manager …. congratulations!

You were a top-performing individual contributor in your previous position, but in your new role you won’t be able to do everything yourself. Making that transition and becoming an effective coach and leader aren’t easy.

In your first three months as a manager, you’ll have to learn an entirely new set of processes; some related to sales, some not. You’ll have to accomplish three primary tasks:

Learn to empower your reps
Scale your own management process
Foster team growth

So how do you do all of this? Here are our quick suggestions:

1. Assess your strengths as a manager

2. Get to know your team

3. Understand how your team wants to be managed

4. Create a team-wide weighted pipeline

5. Schedule forecasting meetings with each rep

6. Schedule a brief weekly review meeting with each rep

7. Schedule a weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales activity review for your team members

8. Define your hiring process

9. Create a peer mentor program

10. Foster peer-to-peer learning environments

11. Don’t solve your team’s problems for them… coach them

12. Always solve for the company first

If you’re a new sales manager and need help getting up to speed with your new responsibilities, then get in touch.

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