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So you’re running your own business. You’re the boss. The big cheese. Maybe you’ve got a team of people working for you and things are going great; you’ve got loyal customers, valued products and a solid reputation.

But then someone throws you a curve ball. Maybe it’s a dissatisfied customer. Maybe you’re running out of cash. Maybe a new competitor is starting to hurt you. Maybe you want to grow but the things that worked previously aren’t working now. Any number of issues can arise which you’re not sure how to address.

That’s where the importance of a strong network of friends and advisors really adds value.

When I first came up with the concept of Proten Sales Development, I knew that I understood many of the challenges that accountants and their clients face, and I knew that I had the skills and experience to help some of them.

BUT… I also understood my limitations and I knew that there were aspects of starting and building the business where others were far more knowledgeable. So I got on the phone, I met contacts for coffee and shared my ideas and questions with them. I listened to their feedback, their insights, and their suggestions. I tweaked the business model, the marketing messages and refined the whole proposition. The result?….. a business idea that has a focus and that brings real value to accountants and their clients.

I’ve known some of these contacts for years, others for weeks but in every case their expertise is what I needed, and I also knew that my expertise and knowledge might be of use to them too.

It’s all about the relationship

It’s all about trust and respecting other’s views and ideas. It’s all about being prepared to help others where you can, because in the long run, that bit of advice that you gave might just help someone solve a problem, and they’ll remember it, and they might just tell others about how you helped.

So this is a shout out to the people who helped me along the way. Some of them have become suppliers, some have become clients and some are just interested in helping me and in me helping them. Which is precisely why I’m happy to recommend them to others.

So a big, humongous thank you to the following people!

Ben Smith Accounting Web
Paul Madgwick Agent Ink
Jamie Bohanna Bearded Monkey Web Design
Elaine Clark Cheap Accounting
Jonathan Smith Crecimiento Ltd
Claire Fargeot Claire Fargeot Associates
Hayley Pope Gilroy and Brookes
Tony Margaritelli ICPA
Andy Maitland Maitland Ltd
Mel Curtis Melanie Curtis Accountants
Nettie Bunn Rift Accounting
Tim Hardy Shipleys LLP
Amanda Watts TWENTYTWO Agency
Joanne Colwell Wise and Co