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So here we are….. four weeks into “restricted movements” and three weeks into “lock down”.

Some businesses are coping well, some aren’t, but the vast majority are looking for help and guidance on what to do to safeguard their business and make sure it’s still running in a few weeks / months time.

In an earlier posting, I talked abut the templated Business Continuity Plan that will help you make sure that you’ve considered every angle to safeguard yourself, your family, your team, your personal finances, your business finances, your business operation and your future plans.

On Tuesday 21st April at 09:00, we’ll be running a webinar in conjunction with Accrue Workplaces which talk through how you can use this plan to minimise your stress and help you clarify the steps you need to be taking right now.

If you’d like to look at how developing your own Business Continuity Plan could give you a new focus, then Register Here.

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