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It seems strange to think that it’s two weeks since I wrote about what we should be focussing on now that restrictions on movement were coming into play as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only two weeks? …. It feels like months, so much has happened since then.

During that time I’ve spoken to hundreds of businesses and accountants, (some of who are coping well, some of whom aren’t), and I’ve been invited to participate in a couple of collaborative groups of advisers to certain industries where we share challenges, ideas and solutions to the problems are contacts are facing.

On a positive note, I’ve seen example after example of business communities forgetting old competitive rivalries and coming together to help each other.

What hasn’t changed is my advice to business owners and sales teams on what to do under these challenging circumstances. You can read the original posting here, but in essence, I suggested that we should have three priorities:

1. Look after the health of ourselves, our families and our teams
2. Look after the health of the business
3. Look for new ways of generating revenue

I still stand by these, but having spoken to so many business owners in the interim, it also got me thinking about how I might be able to help some of them, without coming across as trying to take advantage of a difficult situation.

So for Priority Number 2 – Look after the health of the business, I have a templated Business Continuity Plan that will help you make sure that you’ve considered every angle to safeguard yourself, your family, your team, your personal finances, your business finances, your business operation and your future plans.

The plan is available to use in one of the three ways….

1. We can schedule a 3-4 hour web call to work through the plan for your business together.
2. You can develop your own plan using the template and the guidance notes and then schedule a 90 minute call with me to review it.
3. You can simply use the template a guidance notes yourself at no cost.

Options 1 and 2 have a small cost associated with them (we all have to keep the cash flowing), but I’m discounting my standard rates by 50%.

If you’d like to work on your own Business Continuity Plan, then get in touch now.

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