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Case Study:
Khoo Systems Ltd

Proten Sales Development was chosen by Khoo Systems to help them improve the results of their sales activities.



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Increased Sales Channels & High Quality Leads

Khoo Systems is a UK family-run eCommerce software development company. Founded in 2000 by Dr Stephen Khoo the company is now a thriving family business. With significant programming experience and outstanding problem-solving skills, Khoo Systems have developed web solutions for companies such as Rolls Royce, Honest John, British Nuclear Fuels, and The Complete University Guide.

Personal service and on-hand expertise are critical to what the business does; the team of web designers, developers and account managers are constantly working to support customers through web hosting solutions, website design and development, as well as the iPages and KhooCommerce platforms for online retailers.

“Working with Phil has changed how we describe and articulate our value proposition to our clients. “

– Katherine Khoo
– Katherine Khoo
The Challenge

Like many small businesses, Khoo Systems grew through reacting to potential customer requests, which meant that sales activities were largely unfocused. The directors were acutely conscious that this unfocused approach wasn’t scalable and with ambitious growth plans, they decided to approach Proten Sales Development.

The Approach

The engagement started with a comprehensive review of the existing sales approach and methodology. We identified a number of areas where improvements could be made that would enable the business to focus its efforts on the type of potential customer most likely to need Khoo Systems’ products, and to communicate the true commercial value of the products, thereby increasing the likelihood of generating interest.

A new Sales Process was developed which included identifying the attributes of ideal target prospects, redefining the sales messaging to focus on the commercial value rather than product features and benefits, defining effective sales prospecting and lead generation activities, a set of standard sales qualification questions, a new format for sales proposals and we worked on negotiating and closing techniques to increase the likelihood of winning new business. Finally a set of Sales KPI’s were developed which enable the directors to continuously monitor progress towards achieving the ambitious business goals.

The Results

The business now focuses its sales activities on target businesses that are more likely to become customers, has increased its closure rates and avoids wasting time on limited potential prospects. We continue to work with Khoo Systems as they grow their sales team and the business.

The Client’s View

“Working with Phil has changed how we describe and articulate our value proposition to our clients. We also have a better understanding of how to approach prospects and manage our sales pipeline. In the short time since we worked on our sales proposition, we have started to see higher quality leads coming through our existing and new sales channels.

Through defining our sales process we have also made the decision to hire a sales person and the work around our sales strategy has helped inform and support this decision. We look forward to seeing the results from increasingly putting the process into action.”

Katherine Khoo – Managing Director

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